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Benefits of Hurricane Accordion Shutters

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Hurricane accordion shutters now are being installed all around the coastal regions, particularly in those areas which are prone to hurricanes and storms. Within some areas of the country, having impact-resistant and sturdy windows has now become a portion of the building construction norm.

Hurricane accordion shutters are shutters which are made to go over doors and windows, as well as protect them from storms, strong winds, and break ins. Normally, they’re designed of aluminum and are sturdy and similar to the sides of accordions. The shutters possess a distinct appearance of a zigzag sheet that covers the windows and are a safe option.

If you reside in South Florida, which can be susceptible to storms, you’ll need to protect your windows, and hurricane accordion shutters are the most affordable option. The main benefit of such shutters is that they may be rolled out of view within the summertime and they provide a clear picture of what is outside. Here are the advantages of accordion shutters:


The accordion shutters are installed on the exterior of the windows and often are the initial line of defense against flying debris and wind and will work as a shield for your windows. These shutters are shaped to deflect wind away from your window, and most flying objects will also bounce off in various directions. Normally, shutters are available with extra locks that also can protect the windows from burglars as your window will no longer provide accessibility, nor will it contain any weak spots.


This type of shutter only opens and closes one way, but they’re easy to use when professionally installed. The shutters are permanently stacked on the sides, and the tracks can be removed.

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