What is YgreneWorksTM?

YgreneWorks program provides 100% no money down PACE financing enabling property owners to make energy efficiency, renewable energy and hurricane protection improvements to homes and businesses. Payments are conveniently made through your property tax bills. Approved by your local government, eligibility is based on the equity in your home (among other factors), and not on your credit score, proof of employment, income or financial statements. Payments can be spread out over 20 years, and your first annual payment will be deferred until November 20171 .

What types of property improvements qualify

Hundreds of energy and water saving PACE-eligible improvements (and associated installation costs) qualify under YgreneWorks, including energy-efficient windows, hurricane shutters,doors, roofing, and solar. In certain areas, PACE financing is used to install electric vehicle charging stations, and to make seismic upgrades and wind/hurricane protection improvements.

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