Removable Screen Panels



This innovative solution from Alumicenter has been designed to protect your pool and patio enclosure from high hurricane winds by allowing the screen panels to be removed when there is a hurricane threat. Our removal screen panels, allow the circulation of hurricane winds to pass through your enclosure. The winds are the major reason for older pool enclosures to collapse and cause expensive damages to your home. See WHY ENCLOSURES FAIL article.

Why Older Screens Enclosures Fail.

Why Screen Fail



Our removable screen panels offer peace of mind and are the best solution to protect your screen pool enclosure or patio enclosure during the next hurricane season.


$210 Per section, minimum of four (4) sections per project and includes labor and materials.

We can also retrofit your older structure with our removable panels because they are designed to fit any standard opening. Just download our ORDER FORM and let’s get you started with the new removable panels.


Q. Why do I need the removable screen panels for my enclosure?
A. This allows the strong winds to circulate inside your enclosure.
Q. Do we need to obtain a permit for the installation?
A. No. A permit is not required for the installation of the removable panels.
Q. How do I go about ordering the installation for my enclosure?
A. You can call us during regular business hours or download the fax order form.

Q. Does this mean that my enclosure will never collapse?
A. No. Our removable screen panels are designed to help release the pressure of wind forces so that they better circulate inside your old enclosure but we cannot guarantee the integrity of your older enclosure.
Q. Do you service Palm Beach County?
A. Yes. We service Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin County and Port St Lucie County.
Q. How long does the installation take?
A. The installation only takes a couple hours.