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The new louvered roof system combines the best of a static patio roof cover and pergola. You choose which level of cover you want at every moment. Install them in your backyard, on the deck or terrace, or condominium balcony. Choose attached or stand-alone patio cover.

Discover the Benefits of New Louvered Roof Systems 

We are excited at the prospect of you experiencing the many benefits the cover patio louvered roof system have to offer, including…

  • Versatile patio roof cover that lets in as little or as much light as you like
  • Enjoy the bright blue skies, without the burning heat
  • Seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Upgrade your Miami property with the latest outdoor design technology
  • Optimize energy efficiency
  • Install a patio solution which works at all times of the day and year
  • Finally get a patio cover solution that works for any type of Miami property

While engineered for maximum strength and appeal, multiple personalized and custom design options are available. Choose the colors which match your property best, and select the columns and posts you love the best.


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