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Motorized Roll Up Screens for Maximizing Outdoor Living Areas.

Motorized roll up screens pack some serious value when it comes to maximizing outdoor space.

Roll up screens enable homeowners to enjoy the best of all worlds, along with increased safety and ease of use. Alumicenter motorized screens take their benefits to a whole new level while provided enhanced customization options for the perfect screen enclosure solution which fits each home’s style and owner’s lifestyle.

Motorized roll up screens offer many advantages including:

  • Increasing size of living space
  • Keeping the bugs out for enjoying the beautiful Florida weather more
  • Blocking harmful UV rays while still enjoy the outdoors
  • The best of both worlds; screen or no screen, for whatever the occasion
  • Reduce glare for relaxing or working on the patio without adding more wrinkles
  • Ease of use and safety for homeowners
  • Enhancing property appeal

Motorized roll up screens can be fitted to current structures, or even form part of a new covered patio roof extension for even more living area. In this way they can enclose patio swimming pools to keep them bug free, or allow kids to enjoy playing outdoors, while remaining separated from the water.

Alumicenter motorized screen installation is as flexible as a homeowners’ design tastes and architectural style. Mounting options include flush, trapped or recessed depending on what fits best.

Property owners can also select from multiple customization options for a personalized roll up screen solution of their own. In addition to mounting, personalization options include electronics, fabric and frame colors, remote controls, and more.

Most will find motorized screens incredibly affordable for augmenting their South Florida homes and outdoor living spaces. However, financing for these great home improvements are also available from a variety of sources.

Get a free quote on a custom motorized roll up screen system for your home now, and start enjoying South Florida living at its best…


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