At the touch of a button a motorized screen can transform your outdoor living space and provide: fresh air, shade, climate control, insect protection and even a bit of privacy. Motorized Roll Up Screens can be installed in a single opening as large as 21 feet wide and 16 feet tall; and they are the ideal screen solution for commercial or residential spaces.

Motorized Screens Product Options



Insect Screen

Insect Screening

Ideal where insects are a problem, this mesh type also reduces up to 55% of UV rays. Insect mesh breathes allowing for better ventilation and visibility to the outside.

Solar Screen

This mesh type reduces heat and glare by up to a whopping 75% and also keep insects out. Solar mesh has an added bonus by protecting your furniture from fading.

Solar Screening


Super Solar Screen

Super Solar Screen

Available in multiple colors, this solar category provides significant shading by blocking up to 80% of UV rays. In addition to solar protection, these mesh types allow excellent outward visibility and improved daytime privacy.



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Motorized Screen Options