Best Price Motorized Screens


Motorized Screen Product Pricing

Our motorized roll up screens are all custom built to fit your requirements. Please refer to the sketch below when doing your measurements. All we will need is the width and height of every opening to get you started with a quote. You can use our contact form or you can fax the dimensions to Alumicenter Inc. at 305-328-9668.


Everything is fully customizable: the electronics, fabric density, colors, frame color and remote controls.

Pricing Table.

Flash Mount
$13.50 SF
Trap Mount
$14.50 Sf
Tuff Screen 17×20
Suntex 80 – Beige + $1.00 Sf + $1.00 Sf
Suntex 80 – Brown + $1.00 Sf + $1.00 Sf
Suntex 90 – Beige + $2.00 Sf + $2.00 Sf
Suntex 90 – Brown + $2.00 Sf + $2.00 Sf
Framing – White
Framing – Bronze
Framing -Ivory
Framing – Almond

[wptab name=’Motorized Screen Width Dimensions’]Measure the width of the opening at the top, center, and bottom and provide the smaller dimensions[/wptab]

[wptab name=’Motorized Screen High Dimensions’]Measure the height of the opening on the sides and at the center and provide bigger dimensions[/wptab]