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Patio Roof Kit Pricing information

Originally, we created our Insulated Patio Roof Kits for the DIYers in South Florida. But the demand became so great online, that we now  professionally package and crate and ship our Kits anywhere in the USA.

Don’t forget, we provide free technical support and assistance during your installation. If your project requires a building permit, we can also provide product approvals with site-specific engineering and requirements plus NOA-provided span tables and connection details.


We carry the 3″ Elite Insulated Aluminum Roof Kit. But we also offer the 4″ and 6″ Insulated Patio Roof Kits.  Please don’t hesitate to call for pricing information on any size not covered below.



  1. Enter Project Info
  2. Enter Customer Info
  3. Review & Save Quote
  • Order Your DIY Kit when Ready


The DIY patio quote system will allow you to enter the dimensions of the desired area and choose different options for your project such as panel size, post size and fan beam. Finally, you will be able to save and print the quote for a period of 30 days.


Alumicenter Inc. now offers an installment option when paying for your insulated roof kit. When we send you the invoice to pay for your order, you will have the option to defer the payment in 3, 6, or 12 months. This payment option is offered through square capital with an interest rate of 9.99 % APR. Call us at 305-969-0264 for more details.


Roof Kit Options.

Superior Colums

Fan Beam Option

Sky Lights Option



  • I needed to replace a breezeway roof that could not be repaired. I removed the old roof and purchased the Elite Insulated Roof Kit. All the material was crated, shipped, arrived on time and in good condition. The installation was marvelous. Couldn’t have asked for better info in planning and follow up. Thanks for your professional advice.–Neal Overmire, Virginia Beach, VA 23222

  • I purchased the 10×20 kit and I received it with all it’s components in two weeks time. Alumicenter provided me with the additional technical support needed to complete my installation. Hard to believe it was shipped over 1000 miles from Florida to Ohio. Great job!–Scott Reeds, Eston, Ohio 45320