What You Need to Know About Patio Cover Kits

What You Need to Know About Patio Cover Kits.

In the last two years, Florida’s DIY homeowners have been snapping up patio cover kits. These easy-to-assemble awnings are so popular, they’re fast on their way to becoming a residential backyard staple. And is it any wonder? After all, people have been staying home a lot. That means we’ve had a lot of time to ponder how best to make our outdoor spaces as useable as possible. Are you interested in improving your yard with a patio cover kit? An attractive, sturdy patio cover kit provides much-needed protection from the shade and rain, increasing the hours we can spend in the outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, or hot tub. Read on for a guide to the benefits and what to look for when purchasing one.

A Short History of Patio Cover Kits.

The architectural concept of a patio cover dates back thousands of years, gracing royal gardens in Egypt, China, and across Europe.
You’re probably most familiar with classical English gazebos–archways covered in rambling roses–or the quaint park grandstands designed for bands in the early 20th century. The pergola at Wrocław, created in 1911, is even UNESCO Heritage Listed.

These types of decorative awnings were mainly constructed of stone or seasoned timber. While there’s no doubt these materials are durable and attractive, they’re also expensive, difficult to build, and vulnerable to shocks, moisture, and pests.

The early 20th century saw a flourishing of homeowners embracing their backyards. This trend coincided with the invention of new materials. People started using these new materials to create awnings and patio covers so that they could enjoy their yards all year round.

Today, patio covers are far more accessible than ever before. They’re no longer the domain of the rich. Almost anyone can erect an attractive gazebo in their backyard.
There’s brick, stone, wood, PVC, vinyl, steel, fiberglass, aluminum patio covers–name material, and there’s probably a cover made in it. You can hire an architect or builder to construct one for you, or you can build one yourself with just a few skills and some simple tools.

Benefits of Patio Cover Kits for DIYers.

DIY patio cover kits save time and money for Florida homeowners. But you still get all the satisfaction of building it yourself.

Ease of Use.

If you were to build a patio cover from scratch, you’d likely have to spend literal days, if not weeks, getting everything together. You’d need to plan, select and source your materials, make sure you have the right tools on hand, then, finally, cut, measure, and assemble everything.

Not only would this likely set you back a fair bit in terms of budget, but you’d also need a lot of spare time. If you’re keen to get hands-on with your patio project but don’t have that kind of time, a DIY patio cover kit is a perfect solution. You can order the kit to your specifications, and it arrives on your doorstep ready to put up. You’ll need just a few tools, like a power drill, and you’re done in an afternoon.


Do you need a spot to lounge outside after dinner that’s protected from the rain? Is the sun beaming down dangerously on you and your family while you play by the pool?
A patio cover will solve these backyard problems and so many more.
Use aluminum patio cover kits over:

• Swimming pools
• Hot tubs
• Pet areas
• Decks
• Carports
• Outdoor kitchen
• BBQ areas
• Covered gardens
• Fire pits

They also come in various dimensions, colors, and styles, or you can arrange for a custom order. You can fit your patio cover with ceiling fans, netted siding, or install decorative beans. There are even smart technology-integrated patio covers controlled by users mobile devices!


If you hire a contractor to build a permanent patio enclosure for you, it’s going to set you back tens of thousands of dollars.
There are material, labor, and insurance costs to consider, not to mention the time and money you’ll spend on permit applications. You’ll also need to be at home at least some of the time while the builders are there, meaning potential time off work.

Ordering a do-it-yourself patio kit cuts through all of these hassles, making the process quicker and far kinder on the pocket.

Alumicenter offers its customers a transparent online quote tool, so you can find out costs or compare the prices of different sizes and materials instantly. Of course, if you have specific or unusual requests, you can also chat with their experienced building team.

Made for Florida.

Probably the best benefit of all is that DIY patio cover kits are just perfect for the notoriously temperamental Floridian climate.
Made In FloridaWe might not have snow flurries, but Florida sees all kinds of extreme weather, from heatwaves to hurricanes. Florida is also the most humid state in America. These adverse weather conditions can play havoc on building materials like metal, plastic, or wood if they’re not adequately treated or constructed.

When choosing your new DIY patio cover, be sure to work with a local company. They’re far more likely to create their kits according to the uncompromising standards outlined in the Florida Building Code.
And if you’re concerned, don’t be shy to ask. A reputable awning company will happily explain its building standards to you.

Installing Your Patio Cover Kit

You know why you want a patio cover kit, and you’re confident it’s going to benefit your outdoor living space. All that’s left to do now is order and install!

Choose Your Kit.

First, take some time to assess your space and your lifestyle. Then, decide on the patio cover material, features, and style you want.

Perhaps you want a product that is guaranteed to withstand Florida’s frequent hurricanes? Maybe you want to be able to install skylights to let some of that warm sun through? And don’t forget to take where you want to put the cover into consideration, too. If you have an out-of-the-box request, keep in mind that companies like Alumicenter can customize a DIY patio cover roof kit to your needs.

Guidelines and Insurance.

Even though DIY patio covers are self-assembled, certain states might require planning permission on large patio cover kits. This is because wiring, plumbing, and other municipal systems run underneath your land or home. It might also intrude on the boundaries of neighbors.

Run the project past your home contents insurance provider, too. Before you purchase a kit, you want to make sure that it won’t affect your policy in any way and that the cover is covered in the case of damage. You can also ask your supplier if the cover comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Prepare the Area.

Yes, DIY patio cover kits are simple to put up. Even a relative novice with the right tools can put them together.

Prepare Your Install


But if you don’t do the correct ground preparation before your kit arrives, you’ll end up with an inferior result. No matter your skill level or how expensive or well-constructed the kit was.
Water your area the night before you need to dig your yard. And be sure to check the instructions on your kit concerning excavation carefully before you get started.


Think About Dimensions.

When buying a DIY patio cover kit, you don’t need to worry about getting the dimensions of the parts right. They’ll turn up already precisely measured and cut. You will, however, need to make sure you get the sizes and spacing of the post holes correct. Take time to mark out the lines of the patio cover dimensions on the ground before you start assembling it.

Plan for Water.

The job of a patio cover is to protect you and your family. It keeps the rain and snow away so you can enjoy your backyard. This means you need to consider where all the water from these climatic conditions will go.
If you don’t plan for the watershed adequately, the water will pool on the top of the cover or, worse, at its base. This can harm not only the structural integrity of your patio cover but might also affect the ground or your house foundations.

The construction of aluminum patio covers, and prices always align. A more expensive cover kit will almost always be better at handling rainfall.

Alumicenter Knows What Florida Backyards Need.

You’re decided on materials. You know your budget. And you’re settled on the perfect style for your family, lifestyle, and decor. All that’s left now is to find a reputable patio cover company to work with. Have you been frantically searching “aluminum patio covers near me” and not finding anything that fits your needs? At Alumicenter, we have traditional and modern DIY patio cover kits to suit any style of home or backyard. Reach out to our team today to discuss your Florida backyard renovation project.

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