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Step-by-Step Guide for Patio Roof Installation (with Video)


We’ll take you step-by-step through the entire installation process. Where you’ve chosen to add a awning, carport, or other hardtop solution for your outdoor patio, one thing is for certain — the process is simple, fun and an attractive way to add serious value to your home or property. Our entire selection of DIY patio roof kits can be shipped anywhere within the state of Florida.

For the best results, we recommend all DIY patio roof kit installers download our master sheet and review the technical requirements of their chosen project before the transformation begins. The roof panels are easy to install and fit together seamlessly, which is important, in the rare case they are met with extreme weather conditions or even a big snow load. But making sure they are assembled correctly is the only way to ensure safety and longevity for your roof systems without the presences of corrosion. We also suggest visiting our Installation Guide and getting familiar with the footing requirements and all the insulated roof components, whether your specific outdoor living room is to include gutters, a louvered roof, a roof slope, or even a skylight, etc.

Cover Patio Roof Kit
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Required City Permits.

Please remember, like with many other home improvement projects, as the Homeowner – Contractor of your patio roof cover instillation, a permit may be required by your local city or other government agency so that your outdoor living space design ideas can all be accomplished in compliance with local building codes.

Required Footing Information.

South Florida city building codes and regulations will most likely require that your patio cover and outdoor living project meet a minimum footing requirement. The size of the footing will depend on the county wind zone requirements and if new footing will be connected to an existing slab.

Alumicenter can provide the necessary information required to reach compliance, such as engineering drawings, for an additional cost. It’s easy to dream up patio ideas that include patio furniture, an outdoor kitchen, and maybe even some unique landscaping around your awning, pergola, or other aluminum patio covers, but staying in compliance for the safety of all your friends and family should remain as priority #1.

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