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Over the past 14 years, Alumicenter has established itself as the leader in outdoor covers and enclosures throughout South Florida and Pompano Beach

Broward property owners turn to us as the first choice to create their ideal outdoor spaces and transform backyards with strong and attractive aluminum patio covers and screen enclosures.

We’ve worked hard to earn the reputation of delivering superior workmanship, outstanding customer service, top-rated materials, and being an innovator in our industry.



Alumicenter, Inc. is the leading designer, builder, manufacturer, and installer of aluminum patio covers, louvered roofs, screen enclosures, patio enclosures, hurricane shutters, screen rooms, screen porches, pool enclosures, Santa Fe pergolas, and aluminum roofs, insulated roofs in Pompano Beach, FL.

Every product we offer is fully customizable to your specifications and needs, within the Pompano Beach and Broward County codes for your security and peace of mind. Take advantage of our experience and get the best service.

We offer both DIY self-installation options and full-service installation by our local professional and reliable contractors. Get your free instant quote online today or request a personal onsite visit for a custom project estimate.

Patio Covers

Enhance your Pompano Beach property with a patio cover that makes the most of your outside space. Alumicenter is known for its premium aluminum beams and state-of-the-art engineering that create the most durable patio covers.

Screen Enclosures

Maximize your indoor-outdoor space with a screen enclosure that keeps the elements at bay and provides more room for fun. Get a screen enclosure to protect and enhance your home value by making your home more comfortable and inviting.

Patio Enclosures

Alumicenter provides the most highly sought-after patio enclosures in the Pompano Beach areas. Our patio enclosures look great, stand strong in hurricanes, keep the bugs at bay and will upgrade your enjoyment of your Broward County home.

Screen Rooms.

Screen rooms are ideal for optimizing our Florida real estate. Offering the best of outdoor living trends, while keeping cool and the insects at bay. Alumicenter screen rooms are available with flat roofs and hip roof, and blend visibility with safety.

Screen Porches..

Screen in your porch for year-round enjoyment all day and all night. Never have another moment ruined by nature. It’s time for an outdoor space on your terms that you can count on to deliver what you want out of it, all the time.

Louvered Roof.

With Alexa you can operate our louvered roofs with the sound of your voice.  Control the level of light and comfort you desire at any time, and have fun showing off your new addition to family and friends.

Santa Fe Pergola.

Our classic Santa Fe pergolas will elevate the look of your outdoor space. Available in insulated lattice, open lattice, or a combination. Call today and have the perfect pergola crafted for your home’s unique exterior and personal style.

Modern Patio Covers.

The Modern Patio brings a contemporary design. An architectural framing combined with the insulated roof panels giving a clean look. The best of both worlds. Built for durability, looks, functionality and always right on budget.

Insulated Roof.

The 3-inch insulated aluminum paneled roof can reduce heat by up to 15%, keeping you cool and keeping down your electric bills. It’s even strong enough to walk on, making other home maintenance a breeze.

Patio Roof Covers.

Want options? You’ve come to the right place! Personalize our patio roof covers with your choice of premium columns, lighting, skylights, and fans. Delight your family and friends with your creation.


Insulated Aluminum Roof.

 Kick the summer heat and rain to the curb with an insulated aluminum roof from Alumienter. Get the most out of your Pompano Beach property year-round, rain or shine, with high quality materials you can count on.

Hurricane Shutters.

Accordion hurricane shutters are the best and most cost-effective way to protect your Pompano Beach home from the elements. All Alumicenters’ hurricane shutters meet Broward County’s building codes and have full product approval.

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