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Alumicenter Inc is a specialty contractor of aluminum patio covers that has been serving south Florida, Miami-Dade, and Homestead since 2004. We are committed to providing all our customers with the best design, budget, and construction options available.

We are a trusted designer, manufacturer, and installer of patio covers, screen enclosures, louvered roofs, aluminum roofs, insulated roofs, pool enclosures, and hurricane shutters. We aim to always provide an outstanding customer service, superior workmanship, and top-rated premium products.


All of Alumicenter’s products, including patio enclosures, screen rooms, screen porches, Santa Fe pergolas, accordion shutters, and patio roof covers, are fully customised and made with finest quality materials that exceed the highest Homestead and Dade county standards for your complete peace of mind.

Enhance your outdoor living space today with Alumicenter Inc. Get in touch now for your free instant quote, personal onsite estimation and installation in Homestead, or order one of our DIY roof kits for easy home installation.

Patio Covers

Transform your backyard with our stunning patio roof covers. Our aluminum patio roof covers are made with the finest quality materials from premier suppliers and exceed Dade county and Homestead codes for your peace of mind.

Screen Enclosures

Create a beautiful outside space in Homestead with our screen enclosures. We use premium aluminum beams and state-of-the-art engineering to create robust, durable screen enclosures that you and your friends and family will enjoy for many years to come.

Patio Enclosures

Whether you are enhancing an existing patio, have a completely blank slate, or are converting a backyard oasis in Homestead, our aluminum patio enclosures will make your outdoor space more welcoming, attractive, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Screen Rooms.

Expand your home in Homestead to create a wonderful outside space you can use in all four seasons with a screen room. Available with a flat roof and hip roof, our screen rooms maximize space and visibility whilst enduring strong hurricane winds.

Screen Porches..

Our aluminum screen porches will help you create the ideal outdoor oasis for entertaining and relaxing in all four seasons. Our screen porches stand strong in hurricane winds to protect you against the elements all year round.

Louvered Roof.

Integrating the latest in smart home technology, sleek innovative design, and the most trusted name in South Florida patio roof coverings, property owners can now get great looking outdoor spaces that instantly obey their voice commands.

Santa Fe Pergola.

Our fully customized aluminum roofs santa fe style will truly enhance your outdoor living space. Made with the highest quality materials from premier suppliers, they exceed Homestead city and Miami-Dade county codes for your peace of mind.

Aluminum Roof.

Aluminum roofs last a long time, need almost no maintenance, and extend your living space outdoors. Our aluminum roofs help to protect and enhance your home’s value by making your outdoor space more beautiful, comfortable, and inviting.

Insulated Roof.

Our insulated roofs look beautiful and fit perfectly into your home’s style. It’s the most cost effective way to increase your outdoor space and family and friends will enjoy time outdoors at your home for years to come.

Patio Roof Covers.

Our stunning range of patio roof covers come with a variety of design options including premium columns, skylights, lighting, and fans to help you create a spectacular outdoor living space in Homestead.

Insulated Aluminum Roof.

Alumicenter’s insulated roof is one of our most popular products. The 3-inch insulated panels reduce heat by up to 15% and the roof is even strong enough to walk on for incredibly easy home maintenance.

Hurricane Shutters.

Alumicenter’s sturdy hurricane shutters meet Dade County and Homestead building and safety regulations and have received their full product approval so you can rest assured that your home is fully protected and secured against hurricanes.

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