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How a Louvered Roof Works

Louvered Roof

Alumicenter Inc. is announcing that they are the South Florida source for the revolutionary Louvered Roof System. Operating via solar power, this new system allows owners to adjust their outdoor spaces to enhance or block existing weather conditions.

Alumicenter, Inc is announcing that they are beginning the New Year with the ability to offer architects, general contractors, builders and home and business owners the Equinox® Louvered Roof system. This roof system is ideal for coverings for patios, decks, spas, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, BBQ areas, gazebos,courtyards, entryways and anywhere else where sun, light and weather control is desired. What is very important is that the Equinox® Louvered Roof has been site-specific engineered for this particular area of the state.

Unlike the manual roll-out shades one might see on older homes and patios, Alumicenter Inc stresses that this is an adjustable roof that transforms from a solid covering to an open garden trellis or pergola style covering giving light, ventilation and views of the sky above. With the touch of a solar-powered button, Equinox® gives complete flexibility of light and weather control needs for any outdoor living area year round.

Alumicenter Project Manager, Juan Cohen, said “Equinox® is truly an exciting product and one that has been needed in the South Florida area for years. Once installed it costs virtually nothing to operate because of the built-in solar power unit. It is so easy to use that it is appropriate for older citizens as well as those with physical disabilities. The roof is rain-sensored.”

The Equinox® Louvered Roof system will not compete with building designs. Whether blueprints or plans call for gable or pitched roof, bay windows or doors, or an angled roof or walls, a system can be engineered to suit the unique design. Applications Design possibilities are endless with multiple colors, materials, finishes and styles. These include aluminum, steel, wood, stucco and paint.

Cohen also said, “This is a system that has to been seen to fully appreciate. It does not look like a cheap extension but rather an original piece of the design plan.”

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