Screen Pool Enclosures are trending in South Florida. They provide the perfect outdoor oasis for entertaining and even enjoying a little bit of alone time. When facing heavy hurricane winds, they need to be designed to stand firm. At Alumicenter, our philosophy is to build a strong, lasting product while keeping the engineering and design in balance with the landscape. We use strong aluminum beams and engineering to tighten the roof bracing combined with special hardware to attach the enclosure to the concrete deck.

Alumicenter is currently taking orders for new screen enclosures built in the cities of Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Fort Meyers, Englewood, and surrounding cities. We also offer DIY Patio Cover Kits for self-installation. We understand that due to Hurricane Ian, it may be difficult to acquire and schedule jobs with local screen builders and this is why Alumicenter, a top-rated builder in Dade and Broward County, is willing to help these communities.

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Our Screen Pool Enclosures Meet or Exceed Dade County Building & Safety Codes


Design & Engineering

We provide our customers with all available options when it comes to choosing the best design and layout, every project is unique and each job is designed to fit individual customer needs

Price tag.

Pricing Information

Our pool enclosures come in different shapes, and sizes according to your desires. Therefore, pricing is done on an individual basis, the standard pricing is calculated by the sf of the walls & roof.


Building Requirments

When building or replacing a screen enclosure in Florida, they need to be engineered to the wind zone exposure presented in the latest revision on the 2017 building code including Dade & Broward.


Screen Enclosure Gallery

Are you thinking of adding a screened enclosure? Our gallery will give inspiration and new ideas for your project. Our gallery includes recent and past projects in Miami Dade & Broward county.

Why Screen Enclosures Fail

They aren’t like a house, where wind hits a wall and passes around it. Without sufficient airflow, and bracing, screen enclosures twist and collapse. With screen enclosures, hurricane winds hit one water-soaked screen wall, then pass through and push against the far wall from the inside, while also pushing up the top. Wind Poor enclosure construction Common flaws inscreened-enclosure construction that does deflect around the outside of the enclosure tugs at it from behind. Without sufficient bracing, an enclosure twists and crumples when subjected to these forces.

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Pool Enclosures

Installing Screen Pool Enclosures for Florida Homeowners

There are many reasons to want to erect screen pool enclosures in Florida. What options are available to homeowners today, and how have code requirements changed due to recent hurricane activity, which could change the type of pool enclosure you need?

Pool Enclosures & Your Florida Home

Screened pool enclosures continue to be in high demand throughout FL. For those that don’t have them, having a pool is never quite as enjoyable as it should be. Between mosquitoes, Palmettos, the wind and the occasional visiting alligator, a Florida pool is never at its best without screen protection.

There are also obvious security and safety concerns for those with swimming pools. Beyond legal requirements no homeowner would want to have to live with a pet or neighbor having fallen into their pool.

Then of course there is the marketability element for those thinking about selling or renting their homes in the future.

New Codes + Hurricane Precaution Zones

Florida building codes were updated in 2010. In previous hurricanes many Florida homeowners were completely unprepared, and saw their poorly constructed screened pool enclosures trashed.

The 2010 updated wind zone map both removed some areas of Florida from the list of high risk areas, while upgrading a sizable section of central and inland Florida property to high risk status, and instituting new, and stricter building codes for these disaster prone areas.

Those in South Florida need to be prepared for the following wind speeds:

Designing Your Pool Enclosure

South Florida based Alumicenter is one of the leading providers of screen pool enclosures in the region. All installations are completed to current building codes, or exceed them.

Alumicenter pool enclosures feature superior Nylo Tec hardware for rust proof, long lasting construction, with a premium finish, K-Bracing connections, perimeter footing for additional anchoring as needed, and strong aluminum beams, without sacrificing aesthetics.

Customers are able to work with the best designers in the region to craft their ideal screened patio and pool enclosures, and receive help with obtaining building permits. A variety of configurations are available, including flat or gabled style enclosures for seamless integration for the home’s individual style.

Many homeowners may find that installing new up to code pool enclosures is far more affordable than they imagine, with standard designs beginning from as little as $6 to $8 per square foot.

A variety of financing options may also be available to Florida residents seeking to improve and protect their homes with new enclosures.

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