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Alumicenter Inc., increases its sales for the 3rd year in a row due to popular DIY Aluminum Patio Cover.

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These patio kits, which are crafted from the highest-quality aluminum materials, are designed to be simplified, easy-to-install, and intuitive – perfect for homeowners who are looking to save money by performing a DIY installation.

Custom DIY Patio Covers From Alumicenter Can Be Customized By End-Users.

 Alumicenter is focused on providing individuals with high-quality patio covers that are designed and built to their own, exacting specifications.

 There are also a number of personalization and customization options that are offered for an additional fee. These include custom color for the roof and the support beams, as well as fan beams, skylights, upgraded columns, and other features.

 To help customers understand how much their project will cost, the company has released an online quote system tool, which can be found at the URL:

This quote system allows customers to select their customization options – such as attachment method, extra add-ons like fan beams, color, length and width, and other details. Using a simple 3-step form, a cost estimate is automatically generated, based on customer inputs.


Installation Is Simple With Comprehensive Guides And Easy-To-Understand Building Techniques

 With just a few power tools such as a drill, miter saw, and a dedicated workspace, it’s easy for Alumicenter customers to install their own patio covers.

 Alumicenter offers a detailed, step-by-step online guide for all of their DIY customers, which provides comprehensive installation instructions.

Product Approval


 Installation Guide

DIY Patio Cover Installation Guide

 The company ships all of their products in protected, high-quality wooden crates, and is able to deliver DIY roof covers both in Southeastern Florida, and throughout the rest of the United States.

 These insulated roof panels have product approval in the state of Florida, and meet all state requirements. In addition, they have been designed for both heavy winds and snow loads, making them ideal for any climate. Site specific engineering services are also available for customers who need them, or if a permit is required for installation of the aluminum roof kits.

 The company also offers financing options for their custom DIY roof kits. Customers are able to choose between 3, 6, and 12-month payment deferments thru square capital. This makes it easier for customers to afford the proper custom insulated roof kits for their needs.

 About Alumicenter, Inc: Based in Southeastern Florida, Alumicenter Inc. provides patio covers, and other high-quality aluminum products to Floridians, and Americans all across the country. With a focus on affordable products and easy installation, the company is a leading choice for value-focused homeowners.

DIY vs Professional Installation: The Best Resources, Tools, and Services for Your DIY Patio Cover Installation

Installing a patio cover can be a wonderful way to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor living space. Whether you want to create a shaded area for outdoor gatherings or protect your patio furniture from the elements, a patio cover is a valuable investment. However, installing a patio cover can be tricky sometimes due to certain circumstances, as such when it comes to such installation choosing between a DIY approach and a professional installation is a very important decision that needs careful thought. Both options have their advantages, disadvantages, resources, tools, and services, that makes them both appealing choices.

DIY Installation

For homeowners with a penchant for handiwork, DIY installation can be a wonderful and cost-effective choice most times. If you’re comfortable with basic woodworking, using a skill saw, measuring accurately and climbing a ladder, you can probably install a simple patio cover on your own (J&W Lumber, 2018). Also with the aid of abundant online resources, which includes video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and other options a homeowner can get valuable tips and insights on how to go about a successful installation of patio cover. Those who prefer DIY can get access to several resources at their own instance and use these knowledge to handle a project successfully. 

There are some basic tools which DIYers would require to carry out a successful DIY installation. This includes a tape measure, level, drill, and a saw. Most patio cover kits come with pre-cut materials and precise guides, which simplifies the process and reduces the need for use of specialized or technical tools.

Professional Installation

Many homeowners desires a problem-free installation process, and as such hiring a professional to take care of is a sure way to go. These professionals are contractors which have both the expertise and the experience to ensure that the patio cover is installed properly and safely.

The use of professionals assures the utilization of specialized equipment that guarantees accurate measurements and a seamless assembly. These professionals know the building codes and regulations and ensure that there is complete compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.

The service and support one is assured to get from professionals is unmatched. All aspects of the installation project, including design advice and on-site installation is sure to be handled by the professional.

When making a choice on DIY or professional installation, it is necessary to gauge one’s level of skill, financial capacity, and availability of time. Lovers of DIY can utilize the wealth of online resources and basic tools to achieve their tasks without help. However, using professionals for the task assures one of convenience, expertise, and confidence of a job well done. As such, a professionally finished patio tends to trump the need for an extensive DIY project.

DIY Resources for Patio Cover Kits


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