DIY Patio Covers

DIY Patio Roof Kit

Building a patio roof is easy if you have the right kit and tools to do so. Our DIY Patio Covers can help save you money by cutting down on labor cost and other similar expenses.

The DIY kits can enable you to design your patio without having to worry about hardware, blueprints and designing foundations. All that you need to do is to choose the kit package and you will have everything that you need to build your dream patio.

  • DIY Instant Quote

The DIY patio quote system enables you to enter the dimensions of the project. After you enter the dimensions of the area, you can choose from the different options such as post size, panel size and fan beam.

The insulated patio roof systems can be easily adapted to existing structures and they can be designed to complement the roof system. The high-density polystyrene provides superior strength and meets all building codes.

  • Product Options

 The roof kit includes different colors for the frames, roof panels and fan beams. The sky lights can be adapted to each kit depending on your specific requirement. The kit includes everything that you will need.

The parts, brackets, fasteners and beams of the kit enable you to focus on building the patio instead of making regular trips to the hardware store. You can customize the patio cover to match the exterior decor of your home. The kit has been well designed to meet all your requirements.

The high-grade materials that are part of the kit ensure that the patio structure is strong and sturdy. You don’t have to worry about it even in extreme weather conditions. The easy to assemble kit is affordable and you can make the choice depending on your budget. Impress your family, friends and neighbors by installing the patio roof on your own.

For more information about our DIY Patio Roof Kit contact Alumicenter, Inc. at (305) 969-0264 (Miami Dade) or (954) 674-2631 (Broward) or (305) 969-0264 (Monroe).


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