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7 Fun, Sexy & Practical Reasons To Add A Pergola To Your Home Now

Aluminum Pergolas

Pergolas can transform outdoor areas into dynamic spaces, boosting their usability, fun quota, and sex appeal.

Affordable, simple, yet incredibly versatile, a pergola can add a lot of value and excitement to any home or condo.

Check out these seven fun, fanciful and practical applications for your new garden or terrace pergola…

1. Shade

A pergola can provide the perfect balance between shade, and enjoy South Florida’s superb sunshine. Whether for protecting the kids from the sun when playing outdoors, providing a comfortable vantage point for watching them in the pool, or making working from home pleasurable a pergola can get hours of use every day.

2. Your Private Yoga Pavilion

Outdoor and ‘spiritual’ spaces are trending. What could beat starting out each day performing your yoga routine from the Zen of your own pavilion?

3. Increasing Usability and Space

One of South Florida’s best assets might be the sun, but it also renders many rooftop, terrace and patio spaces unusable much of the year. Between family flying into visit for vacation, and household sizes getting larger a pergola can create more usable space and help keep more peace.

4. Wow Factor for Renting or Selling

For those that want to sell or rent their homes faster and for top dollar a pergola could be just the feature to make a property really pop, and stand out from the competition. They also make for great photographs for marketing all types of property in print and on the web.

5. Romantic Retreats

Whether designed as a garden gazebo, or a regally columned escape fit for Roman royalty pergolas can create incredibly romantic nooks that keep the fire alive. Propose to your soul mate under one, get married under it, and escape there on a regular basis to keep the fire burning.

6. Take Your Pool Parties to the Next Level

Styled as Las Vegas or Miami Beach poolside cabanas pergolas can provide the ultimate indulgence for fun, flirty partying in the sun all summer long.

7. Outdoor Dinning

Without some cover outdoor kitchens and dinning often doesn’t deliver on the magical magazine imagery homeowners dream of. Pergolas can be decorated in infinite ways to accommodate any themed event, making your dinner parties the talk of the town.


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