Alumicenter Sees Rising Demand For DIY Roof Kits

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South Florida based Alumicenter is seeing growing demand for its versatile DIY roof kits providing covering for a variety of outdoor space needs.


South Florida’s patio enclosure specialists, Alumicenter have been highly praised for their array of cutting edge, strong, and appealing outdoor cover solutions. These range from insulated patio roofs to full screen rooms, and innovative automated louvered roofs which can be voice controlled by Alexa smart home devices.

Alumicenter’s DIY roof kits are perfect for:

● Replacing and updating existing patio covers
● Adding new covered patio spaces
● Extending shade covering
● Framing sunrooms
● Creating covered walkways and entrances
● Erecting carports


Today, the company reports the DIY roof kit is one of the hottest products with property owners. They are being used by new homebuyers to customize their properties, to update existing homes and replace damaged outdoor spaces, to add value to investment properties, preserve homes and even augment business property.

Instant Online Quotes

Many customers are using the firm’s online system to customize and get instant quotes from their computers and phones. These specifications can also be saved for 30 days, enabling investors, owners, and buyers to get estimates early, and be ready to act once they close on a new property or prepare to remodel in tax refund season.


DIY Roof Kit Features & Options

Advantages and special features of the Alumicenter DIY roof kit include:

● Easy step by step installation
● Live and online support as needed
● Hurricane strength design built to withstand Florida’s strong storm seasons
● Customization of fan beams and skylight positioning
● Optional finishes and premium column choices

The DIY roof kit which has been gaining rave reviews among users is also eligible for customizable payment plans.

Local delivery in South Florida is free. Shipping is available nationwide.

Spokesman for the company Juan Cohen says Alumicenter is preparing for an additional surge in demand for the DIY roof kit this spring and summer and the warmer and wetter season kicks in, and property owners continue to enjoy record levels of home equity and encourages those thinking about this type of solution to order early.

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