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Outdoor Living Design: Top 10 Ideas For Stunning Patio Spaces This Summer

Outdoor living is the top home design trend of 2014. So what will you do to take your Florida home to the next level this year?

Outdoor living is in. Outdoor spaces have become the most in-demand part of the home for today’s renters and home buyers from the middle market to the most luxurious estates. The only question is what will you do to enhance your outdoor living this summer?

10 Ideas for Enjoyable & Eye-Popping Outdoor Design:

1. Sun Rooms

Sun room additions offer South Florida property owners the opportunity to expand their living spaces and enjoy the best of their tropical, sun-kissed surroundings without having to swelter in the heat. Enclosed sunrooms can make for hypnotic evening lounging areas, game rooms, and breakfast rooms for starting every day off right.

2. Screen Rooms

For those that have migrated to Florida specifically to enjoy the warm weather, but who aren’t big fans of the mosquitos, a screen room can provide the best of all worlds.

3. Spas & Swimming Pools

For those that don’t have one a swimming pool or hot tub spa can put the finishing touch to a dream home. Beyond the bragging rights they can offer endless evenings of relaxation, family fun in the sun for the weekends, and even powerful therapeutic benefits for health and wellness.

4. Pool Enclosures

Of course a pool or hot tub in Florida isn’t always attractive without being enclosed, thanks to our fantastic natural wildlife. Keep the opossums, bugs and occasional gator at bay with a screened pool enclosure, stay safe and get the most out of your outdoor space.

5. Covered Patios

For those without pools, or simply not wanting the extra hassle and maintenance, an insulated patio cover roof could be the perfect way to expand outdoor space, and enjoy the warmth and shade. They can also make the perfect addition to front your pool for enjoying the glistening water, and keeping an eye on the kids, without being scorched by the sun.

6. Outdoor Kitchens

Once you’ve expanded your shade with a covered patio, adding an outdoor kitchen is a natural next step. Say hello to summer BBQs with friends, romantic evenings with delicate appetizers and a cocktail or two and boast the best entertainment space for watching the game, on the block.

7. Organic Gardens

For those not daunted at the thought of rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty, planting an organic garden can be a very rewarding gardening project. Consider sustainable water features, organic herbs to bring your outdoor grilling to life, and everyday salad items for healthy living.

8. Fire Pits

Fire pits have fast become one of the basic essentials of every outdoor living space in the South. Fortunately, they have also become incredibly inexpensive.

9. Privacy Fences

With all the outdoor fun calling this summer, it might be high time to get that privacy fence to stop the neighbors from party crashing or filming you for the internet. You might even get them to split the costs.

10. Pergolas

A pergola can make a fantastic addition to any outdoor space from the patio to garden, to roof top terrace. Add them for style, add them for shade, or to create a romantic cabana for relaxing with someone special.


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