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Luxury Patio Covers

In South Florida, most of us have spent time on a screened porch or under a pergola. We want to introduce you to a whole new dimension in outdoor living, the Equinox® Louvered Roof system. Touching a button, transforms your patio, from an open to a closed roof, depending on the weather (or your mood). Have you ever seen a roof do that before?

An innovative system of rotating gears drives the louvers into the perfect position for ventilation, sun blocking ...

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New Generation of Cover Patios

Exclusive New Patio Roof Systems for Increasing Useable Outdoor Space in S. Florida

Alumicenter is the exclusive provider of the next generation Equinox Louvered Roof System for outdoor spaces in the tri-county South Florida region.

Stunning new energy efficient motorized roof systems by Equinox and Alumicenter are empowering homeowners and retail and hospitality businesses to maximize potential and enjoyment with flexible patio coverings.

Equinox Louvered Roof Systems

The Equinox Louvered Roof system is a stylish, solar powered, patio covering enabling home and business ...

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How a Louvered Roof Works

Alumicenter, Inc is announcing that they are beginning the New Year with the ability to offer architects, general contractors, builders and home and business owners the Equinox® Louvered Roof system. This roof system is ideal for coverings for patios, decks, spas, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, BBQ areas, gazebos,courtyards, entryways and anywhere else where sun, light and weather control is desired. What is very important is that the Equinox® Louvered Roof has been site-specific engineered for ...

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Louvered Roof Video

The new louvered roof system combines the best of a static patio roof cover and pergola. You choose which level of cover you want at every moment. Install them in your backyard, on the deck or terrace, or condominium balcony. Choose attached or stand-alone patio cover.

We are excited at the prospect of you experiencing the many benefits the cover patio louvered roof system have to offer, including…

  • Versatile patio roof cover that lets in as little or as much light ...
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