New Generation of Cover Patios

Exclusive New Patio Roof Systems for Increasing Useable Outdoor Space in S. Florida

Alumicenter is the exclusive provider of the next generation Equinox Louvered Roof System for outdoor spaces in the tri-county South Florida region.

Stunning new energy efficient motorized roof systems by Equinox and Alumicenter are empowering homeowners and retail and hospitality businesses to maximize potential and enjoyment with flexible patio coverings.

Equinox Louvered Roof Systems

The Equinox Louvered Roof system is a stylish, solar powered, patio covering enabling home and business ...

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How a Louvered Roof Works

Alumicenter, Inc is announcing that they are beginning the New Year with the ability to offer architects, general contractors, builders and home and business owners the Equinox® Louvered Roof system. This roof system is ideal for coverings for patios, decks, spas, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, BBQ areas, gazebos,courtyards, entryways and anywhere else where sun, light and weather control is desired. What is very important is that the Equinox® Louvered Roof has been site-specific engineered for ...

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Louvered Roof Video

The new louvered roof system combines the best of a static patio roof cover and pergola. You choose which level of cover you want at every moment. Install them in your backyard, on the deck or terrace, or condominium balcony. Choose attached or stand-alone patio cover.

We are excited at the prospect of you experiencing the many benefits the cover patio louvered roof system have to offer, including…

  • Versatile patio roof cover that lets in as little or as much light ...
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Motorized Roll Up Screens

Motorized roll up screens pack some serious value when it comes to maximizing outdoor space.

Roll up screens enable homeowners to enjoy the best of all worlds, along with increased safety and ease of use. Alumicenter motorized screens take their benefits to a whole new level while provided enhanced customization options for the perfect screen enclosure solution which fits each home’s style and owner’s lifestyle.

Motorized roll up screens offer many advantages including:

  • Increasing size of living space
  • Keeping the bugs out for ...
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Alumicenter – Press Release

The game changing Elite 2000 Sun Room System lets you expand your home for a fraction of the cost and time compared to conventional, and more expensive block construction.

Aluminum specialty contractor Alumicenter, Inc. has announced it is rolling out a new sun room system with additional impact door and window protection to coincide with the arrival of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season.

Outdoor living spaces have become one of the hottest home improvement trends in 2014. The 2014 Home ...

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Florida Screen Rooms

Insulated screen rooms can enable homeowners to get the most enjoyment out of their properties while maximizing life in the beautiful Sunshine State.

Screen porches add instant visual appeal to homes, while providing practical outdoor living spaces that will be used year round.

The dream of living in sun-kissed South Florida isn’t always as idyllic as it could be for those without home screen rooms. It gets really hot, and the mosquitoes know just how to put a spoiler on an otherwise ...

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Pool Enclosures

There are many reasons to want to erect screen pool enclosures in Florida. What options are available to homeowners today, and how have code requirements changed due to recent hurricane activity, which could change the type of pool enclosure you need?

Screened pool enclosures continue to be in high demand throughout FL. For those that don’t have them, having a pool is never quite as enjoyable as it should be. Between mosquitoes, Palmettos, the wind and the occasional visiting alligator, a ...

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Pergolas can transform outdoor areas into dynamic spaces, boosting their usability, fun quota, and sex appeal.

Affordable, simple, yet incredibly versatile, a pergola can add a lot of value and excitement to any home or condo.

Check out these seven fun, fanciful and practical applications for your new garden or terrace pergola…

1. Shade

A pergola can provide the perfect balance between shade, and enjoy South Florida’s superb sunshine. Whether for protecting the kids from the sun when playing outdoors, providing a comfortable ...

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Stunning Patios

Outdoor living is the top home design trend of 2014. So what will you do to take your Florida home to the next level this year?

Outdoor living is in. Outdoor spaces have become the most in-demand part of the home for today’s renters and home buyers from the middle market to the most luxurious estates. The only question is what will you do to enhance your outdoor living this summer?

10 Ideas for Enjoyable & Eye-Popping Outdoor Design:

1. Sun Rooms

Sun room ...

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Home Improvement

How can Florida homeowners find the extra money to make their dream patio and home improvements a reality?

Thinking of upgrading your home or outdoor living space?

Not sure how you can afford it, or just wish you had a little more liquidity and didn’t have to dig into savings to make it happen?

The great news is that from pool enclosures to sun rooms, insulated covered patios, to car ports and pergolas there are a variety of financing options available to ...

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Screen Enclosures

There is nothing like a screen enclosure for adding value and usefulness to your outdoor pool investment. As a matter of fact, we think it would be crazy not to add a screen enclosure to your pool.

If you live in Florida, you know how messy palm trees are. Palm trees are not the only messy trees. As a pool owner you know there is a magnetic attraction between leaves and your pool. Wouldn’t you rather be swimming ...

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Cover Patio Roof Kit

Alumicenter’s insulated roof kits offer an elite DIY solution for property owners and contractors seeking to expand outdoor covered areas. With comprehensive installation kits, and full support, this could be the affordable, yet high quality solution for getting that project done like a pro.
One Roof Multiple Applications
Alumicenter’s DIY roof kits offer an array of versatile applications.

Use them to:

• Extend covered outdoor areas
• Provide cool and shade for patio areas
• Provide covered walkways and entrances for escaping ...

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